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Bad Vibes: A Conversation About the Decline of Portland, Oregon

Coffee Talk II

Two Matches Away From Conflagation

Letter From a West Bank Settlement: "We are strong. We are steadfast. We are not going anywhere."

Guest Post: Isaiah Schrader and the Pressure to Conform on Campus

Pie Talk #33: Thanksgiving Stuffing

Guest Post: Brandon Tonner-Connolly and A Mostly Peaceful Protest

Humanity is Hard. Protesting is Easy.

This is Terror

The New Barbarians

The Long, Strange, Beautiful Road to ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

The Canceling of the American Mind Explains the Silence of University Leaders Last Week

Anatomy of An Assault in Portland, City of Professed Benevolence

Pies for Peace

Kids and porn, Portnoy v. WaPo, Moynihan and Rosenfield and "TIM"

The Gloss of Good Intentions

Reservation Elections: A Visit with Robyn Whitecloud

"It Became Portland Against Trump"

Portland Was Not Ready

The Ones We Sent Away

Abortion Wars Continue

At the Courthouse

How To Write About Murder: "Lost Girls," Bob Kolker, and the Arrest of the Gilgo Beach Killer

Murder Begets Murder

LIVE! Smoke 'Em Does Dallas

The Kids Are All Right

Lightning Storm!

The Portland Set to Emerge as the Next Great American City is Dead by Its Own Hand. What Now?

Amanda Stott-Smith, 1977-2023

Your Feelings Materially Change Nothing, and Yay For That

A Portland Mother Drops Her Children Off A Bridge. How Does This Happen?

Dispatch from Portland: The Fire Starters, 2020-2021

The Story That Will Not Let Go

Dispatch from Portland 2023: The Deadly Consequences of Living Without Consequence

Pie Talk #11: Fettuccine Alfredo

Crime Dispatch #1: "Society is Just Very Uncomfortable Addressing Domestic Violence"

Dispatch from Portland 2023: The Death Eaters

Dispatch from Portland 2023: Coffee With A Cop

Dispatch from Portland 2023: Friday Night Check-In (video)

Dispatch from Portland 2023: The Builders, the Breakers, the Fixers

How We Adjudicate Murdered Children Tells Us Who We Are

Dispatch from Portland: Black Bloc Confidential

The Children's Crusade

Unf**king Portland. Plus: Red Meat

Dispatch from Portland 2016-2023: The Gloss of Good Intentions

Dispatch from Portland 2023: Lisa Schroeder

Dispatch from Portland 2023: City of Codependents

Dispatch from Portland 2023: A Question of Addiction

Dispatch from Portland 2023: "What's Happening Here?"

Dispatch from Portland 2023: Unbridgeable

Pie Talk #3: Hoisin Chicken

How to Sell 25,000 (More) Copies of Your Book

Pie Talk

Sweet Idea

Valentine's Day

Cannibalizing Armie Hammer: Jamie Kirchick on Getting the Real Story Behind One of #MeToo's Most Sensational Scandals

Persephone in New York

Absolution In Your Coffee Cup

Double Sacrifice: A (Possible) Podcast

The Collateralists (audio)

The Collateralists

"A Murder in Portland" and the 1000 Blind Eyes