Mar 11 • 26M

Dispatch from Portland 2023: Lisa Schroeder

"Vandalism is happening through the city. Why?” the Mother's Bistro owner asked in 2022, after her window was broken for the 3rd time. Now she knows. "It's like an episode of 'Meth-Fentanyl TV' here."


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Journo babes Sarah Hepola and Nancy Rommelmann on what's burning through the culture right now
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After sustaining “the atom bomb I needed to follow my passion” (her imminent layoff, her husband having an affair), Lisa Schroeder went to cooking school and, in 2000, opened Mother’s Bistro in Portland, Oregon. From day one the place was packed, everyone wanting what Schroder calls “Mother Food” – meatloaf and gravy, chicken & dumplings, and a brunch t…

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