Recalling cancellation and its gleeful proponents, as well as, and with love, the people who get back up and speak up and keep putting good work into…
Unf**king Portland. Plus: Red MeatListen now | There are Portlanders trying to correct course and/or introduce completely new ideas. It’s worth meeting and listening to these people, the…
Policies enacted as conflicts burned have led to an unintended rise in crime, homelessness, drug addiction and murder. Has the situation cooled to where…
Dispatch from Portland 2023: Lisa SchroederListen now (44 min) | "Vandalism is happening through the city. Why?” the Mother's Bistro owner asked in 2022, after her window was broken for the 3rd…
On a mother's fatal heroin overdose, and a Portland where "accusers, deniers, and enablers contribute to the city's continued and prolonged death."
With each dose, addicts chop off a little more of their figurative legs until, even if they dream of their legs, they cannot stand. Is this something we…
Dispatch from Portland 2023: "What's Happening Here?"Listen now (86 min) | Two photographers covering Portland, from the summer of rage 2020 to the current explosion of homelessness and drug addiction, are…

February 2023

Alarmed by local media's reticence to report, as well as ideological divisions tearing apart his peers, a young journalist decides to leave Portland
Pie Talk #3: Hoisin ChickenListen now (20 min) | Plus: This week's literati flame wars (Dahl, Rowling, NYT dust-up #whoknows) and what to feed the people who show up at your door
The article included Amanda’s mug shot. Her forehead was creased with tension, but except for her dark hair in the disarray, she looked . . . How did…
Substack calls it "Chat."
Plus: Steve Kornacki Loves America, Hates Vegetables