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The World is Not Full of Monsters! Rommelmann and Hepola Discuss

The World is Not Full of Monsters! Rommelmann and Hepola Discuss

What do 8 conservative men have to teach us about the world and/or traffic lights? Are spas a special hell? What did Nancy and/or Sarah listen to in their morning bath? These answers and more...

Nancy Rommelmann and Sarah Hepola are back! Talking about:

+ Why they love the Ben Dreyfuss essay "The World is Not Full of Monsters"

+ What videos they watch in the bathtub

+ "Who is Max Boot? Did he write for Gawker?"

+ And speaking of Gawker...

+ That NYT interview with 8 "conservative" men

+ Who's allowed to say the C-word (anyone!) and why they're in favor of bringing back "twat" (it's funny!)

+ The hell that are women's spas and why the one they'd open would be called Fuck Your Intentions

+ Are 100% of hitchhikers murdered by serial killers or nah?

+ Virtual romances can be intense!

+ Why Nancy is the "#1 Nancy" of the two Sarah knows. (The other is a robot.)

And much more! Listen here or on Apple or your pod-catcher of choice



"9th and Hennepin," by Tom Waits

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Joe Frank official website

"The World is Not Filled with Monsters," by Ben Dreyfuss

Ben Dreyfuss Substack

Elon Musk TED Talk 2022

Benjamin Franklin by Ted Burns (PBS)

The Witches, by Stacey Schiff

"The Things I'm Afraid to Write About," by Sarah Hepola

Normal People, by Sally Rooney

"The 'Pity Me!' Personal Essay" in Gawker

"The 8 Conservative Men Are Making No Apologies" in NYT

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