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When the war started I warned my gentile friends on Facebook that as the war drags on sympathy for us will evaporate and turn to hatred, and that those who stand with the Jews (or are perceived as such, like yourself, merely for being sympathetic without getting into the politics) will be hated like the Jews are hated. I'm afraid that's true. But I have been pleasantly surprised to see that the percentage of Americans supporting Israel has actually risen. So while the hatred has risen to a fever pitch it helps me to remember it is from a small number of idiots. Thank you for your empathetic writing. The stories of people are really what is left to tell. A handful of journalists are already reporting how many missiles fell where this morning...

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Nancy, some of the coverage is too tough for me to read; I appreciate your willingness to cover it, thank you.

Bari Weiss is doing a wonderful job at TheFP -- I can't bear to read all of it but I'm glad it's there.

You mentioned your dad hating the "krauts" and the "Japs" -- I'm pretty sure my mother, who also lived through WW2 had very similar thoughts, though it's now more than 25 years too late for me to ask her about them. I occasionally heard somewhat similar words coming from her and only later came to appreciate why that could have been. Your several sentences about him spoke volumes. I've no doubt that living through the years of WW2 could have affected me in similar ways.

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