I think all of this should boil down to: crime is a problem, so stop being mealy-mouthed about that fact. They should also not be allowed to pretend BLM isn't mainly about vilifying police (while blacks die in record numbers for lack of cops). They use vague terms like "voices needing to be heard" when it's mostly criminals resisting arrest and no-snitch culture excusing them.

Many of us would simply ask: Do you virtue-signalers want someone like Georgy Floyd as a next door neighbor? If not, stop harping on inevitable police errors to distract from the basic crime problem!

This KGW interview with Portland DA Schmidt shows him constantly dodging the issue of culpability among "peaceful protesters" who lingered at nightly riots they knew would happen. https://youtu.be/Shgkg_Q9VPw

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"Onto Boudin. I’m a little confused by the data you cite. To me, it seems to show that crime went up in 2021, just like it did virtually everywhere in the country, and then dropped in 2022."

I think the confusion here is that the statistics for 2022 are just year to date rather than for the complete year. For an apples to apples comparison the crime dashboard of the SFPD at https://www.sanfranciscopolice.org/stay-safe/crime-data/crime-dashboard displays totals for 2022 versus the same period in 2021. For homicides the counts are exactly even: 51 homicides so far in 2022 versus 51 homicides at this point in 2021. Robberies and assaults meanwhile seem to have increased.

To be clear I think it's likely that the primary cause of the massive uptick in violent crime since 2019/2020 is due to society spinning apart after the pandemic, a process that is ongoing to this day as the sustained increase in crime rates indicates. Progressive prosecutors however are not more effective than their brethren who favor a more law and order approach. Given that what's the justification for keeping them around? Especially when the leniency they espouse flies in the face of the ordinary citizens they supposedly represent who are increasingly sick of the crime and would like to see sentences handed down that are commensurate with the offenses committed?

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Maybe you should host Tara on your excellent podcast “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”, Nancy.

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