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typo: "famers" -> "farmers"

Well said -- I regard organic or fair trade as mostly virtue signallng. I'd never go out of my way to buy organic.

A friend of mine who is a retired biochemist laughs at the folks who worry about "chemicals" in their food. OMG, what do you think food is? It's chemistry, most of the way down....

And, "natural" foods are just as happy to kill you or make you sick as anything that is highly processed.. Nature doesn't care about you.

Pretty good video. It's astounding the variety the foods we have available today.

If you are old enough, like me, or you do some research, or you watch pricing/availabliity trends in your grocery stores, you see what's available at certain times of the year, so you see what's in season or what's not. I am, more often than not, mostly buying what is in season, but appreciate being able to find those items that are not in season where I live, but happen to be somewhere else, and some company chose to ship them to near where I live, in case I want them.

A final rant -- people worry about food waste. But think about the opposite problem -- not having enough. We occasionally have situations where regions of the country don't have enough food -- there was a hurricane, a tornado, a huge winter storm, whatever. It's great to have some excess food/production somewhere, so you can ship it to where it's needed. Way better than having people starving.

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(please don’t talk to me about French or Italian roast, which is essentially burnt coffee)

ok but what should an average joe (sorry) look for in a roast type or process

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Small batch roaster. Look for flavor notes that appeal to you, Medium roast is my preference. I would not go much darker than that. I love coffees from Chiapas. Face roaster currently is Amaya Coffee out of Houston. They ship. Keep coffee beans in a cool dark placer, cupboard is great, never the freezer. Keep them in the bag they came in and try to drink it within a week to ten days (coffee beans come in 12-ounce bags). Grind right before using

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wow, thank you so much for the quick and detailed reply

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