Let Them Defend: Get Protective Gear to Soldiers in Ukraine

Every Ukrainian I've met in Ukraine has the same message for the U.S.: We thank the American people for their past and ongoing support, but what we need now are weapons.

Oksana Hutnyk, with whom I stayed in Lviv (and whose family I wrote about for Reason) reiterated this message after her city was hit by missiles again, stressing in the video that those fighting in Ukraine desperately need armor and protective gear in the form of helmets, vests, and night-scopes.

Below are two organizations, both of which I've vetted, that get the gear directly to soldiers:

The Ukrainian American Coordinating Council is "procuring and shipping helmets and body armor to Ukraine in bulk quantities." You can see on the site exactly what they are sending, and donate via PayPal, credit card or wire transfer. Click here for details and to make a donation.

The National Bank of Ukraine opened a special account at the start of the war to raise funds for Ukraine’s armed forces. Donations are accepted by Google Pay and credit card. Click here for details and to donate directly.

Leave comments here or head over to the comments on Patreon if you want to tell us about your donations, additional ways to donate, and share information about Ukraine. We'd love to see you there.

When I asked Oksana this weekend whether she had any other messages she wanted to share, she texted the following:

Russia continues missile attacks and bombing peaceful cities.

In Mariupol, about 300,000 people are under siege and dying of hunger, cold and thirst. They will probably all die. They drink their own urine because they don't even have water. Newborns died because of the cold.

Genocide is taking place in central Europe in the 21st century.

Bombs fall on the heads of civilians. There is no safe point.

The civilized world must stop this by providing the necessary weapons. We need to stop air attacks and attacks from ships as soon as possible, we win on the ground at the moment.

The West has no right to succumb to nuclear blackmail, Putin will not stop and move on to NATO countries and continue to blackmail the world.

And please, remind all, we used to be a nuclear state until 1994.

Give what you can. Peace through strength.


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