I keep wondering why 40 bucks rings a bell. Back in the day I would have been flush for the week-end. Today its what I pay the lawn guy every two weeks.

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Thank you Nancy, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this series. Your publishing this here is indeed literally Making More Pie.

About this chapter -- you sure wonder what happened to some of these people. And -- how did you get all these people to talk to you? And -- what is the rough time frame; I can make some guesses with the various references, but ...

Love this phrase: "people cart their dreams here, unpack them before the mirror that is Hollywood, and believe what is reflected back to be their destinies made manifest."

Can you write a bit about the "story behind the story", in particular the range of years over which this takes place; how much it's written as it was happening, and so on -- so about your process of doing this. I'll guess that maybe some of these come out of the writing you were doing professionally. I'm always interested in the process.

Thank you!

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