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$$. You got me to give you money.

Reading this, I was and am completely unaware of any of these people as far as how they impacted my own normie life. I have been an addictive reader since childhood, but I have never been literary - I've been a musician instead, in a niche that is both ubiquitous and ignored. It's not a commercial source of a living either. That said, these are some seriously fucked up individuals in this literary world, and it seems that they want to take the wheel in our society just to bask in the attention, with no other goal or purpose. The extraordinary events of the past few years have made many of us normie types sit up and take greater notice of these people and their desire to have influence over us, and we just say no.

When you got to Asia Argento and her place in this, a part of me froze up and I could see death crawling over every little piece of it. Some poor benighted souls are burdened with the entropy of hope and make art of it. I just see a man who helped me enjoy my life dangling from a rope and it blocks everything else out.

Do not want. My world is better without these people. Keep telling your story so I can stay as far away as possible.

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Good tale. Your writing reminds me of Joan Didion and the people in your colorful life (the son of the Indian from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the drummer for the Dead Kennedys) makes your stack a must-read.

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Wow, what a story and what a different world. You and Sarah have talked about this on Smoke 'Em more than once so it's great (horrifying!?) to read about the details.

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