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Crime Dispatch #1: "Society is Just Very Uncomfortable Addressing Domestic Violence"

Crime reporters Tana Ganeva and Nancy Rommelmann talk the murders of women in Portland and NYC, the challenges/failings of policing, and, how to solve a problem like fentanyl?

Criminal justice reporter Tana Ganeva (Vice, The Intercept, Reason, Washington Post, Rolling Stone) joins Nancy Rommelmann for a conversation about crime and punishment, including:

  • The murders of Rachael Abraham in Portland and Christina Yuna Lee in NYC.

  • Why private equity firms getting into the prison business yield nothing good.

  • The difficulty of squaring drug decriminalization and fentanyl. “It’s poison,” says Tana.

  • Understanding and a small violin for cops who call it quits.

  • San Francisco is still beautiful. New York subways are more disgusting than ever.

  • Tana has an idea for how fill the chasm between incarcerating the mentally ill and doing nothing. It involves horses.

  • “It does not have to be a binary choice between criminal justice reform and incarcerating violent criminals,” a deputy DA told Nancy. “We can do both.”

  • The time Tana yelled at Portland DA Mike Schmidt.

And much more!

Tana writes (prolifically!) on her Substack, Substance. Follow on Twitter @tanaganeva


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